Dark Bader Dyl

Last weekend, we got Dylan his Halloween costume.  I think it was a mistake to get it so early.  
Check him out.

Yep, he's our little Darth Vader.  He can't quite say it right, so it's "Dark Bader".  And guess what?  All last week, he wouldn't answer to anything besides "Dark Bader Dyl".  *Forehead slap*  Here I am, the mom who has to yell down the street for Dark Vader to come home.... sigh.   The costume has been put away, but the light saber has had to stay out.  This is his go-to day look.

This was our morning light saber training.  The always classy-styling Dylan, jammy pants tucked into your frog rainboots.  Sigh.  But, it got worse.  Dylan was sitting on my lap while I was fulfilling my addiction looking at Pinterest.  We came across this little gem.

Of course, Dylan couldn't stop talking about me making him a Chewie.  So, I did.  After hours of laboring, configuring, sewing  (the pattern is really easy to follow... sometimes I'm just a moron),  I introduce you to the newest addition to our family.....  CHEWIE!!

Ummmmm... he doesn't look bad sitting down, but here's the truth.  And sorry I didn't take a better picture.. like with a real HD camera.  I didn't want you to see all the wonky details.

I have decided to call him "Gooey".  Whatever.. Dylan loves him... I can't sew plushies.  Lesson learned.

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