Helpful Hints for Husbands no. 04 {Why You Should Watch Grey's Anatomy}

Husbands, the tips in this post can be applied towards any television show or movie, in which you may deem "girlie" and have more than likely avoided.

1.  Men, grab a large bottle (or two) of wine.  Make sure it's chilled, if needed.  Your wife will love it.  It plays into the next few tips and you might want it - just to help ya through.

2.  Know ahead of time, jammie pants (comfy clothes, fat pants) are a must.  This is what we wait for all week, we are dang sure going to enjoy it.  Plus, we'll be getting ready to watch the show about 15 minutes ahead of time.  Or, if you're lucky and record the show, we'll be ready to watch at 8:15 to avoid any commercial interruptions.  

3.  Sit on the couch with your lady.  Act like you're paying attention, but do not talk during the show.  

4.  Bonus Points:  Rub her feet while pretending to be involved.

Now all of this work and what do you get out of it?  Ha.

A)  If you grabbed the bottle(s) of wine, she'll likely be feelin' pretty good after the show.  If it's a "cryer" episode, you know the emotional ones, she'll be in a cuddling mood.  And, if you've been sitting with her, acting like you care, rubbing her feet, she'll probably want to jump your bones.  Pow!

B)  Has your wife ever said something along the lines of, "Why can't you be more like _____?"  Watch how the men talk to the women on the show... well most of them.  See how they handle their ladies' drama.  Watch how the guys use the one-liners, or stories, to convey their love.  These shows are the reason we want to you act like ________.

C)  The best part of this whole bit...  She may even count watching Grey's as quality time together.  Enough said.

Get to it men!

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