{What I meant to post on Tuesday} Tuesdays are My Dylie Days

{The happy park we go to, with a happy view of the mountains!)

Tuesdays are a great days.  Our public library has storytime for Pre-School age at 10:30 every Tuesday.  It's enough time for Dyl and I to have a lazy morning, then head out for stories and crafts.  So much fun watching my lil guy meeting new friends, singing songs, doing crafts... It seriously warms my heart.  When I was on my "downer week", I made it a point to never miss storytime.  Amazingly beneficial decision.  I got to relax a little, and Dylan got his much needed kid time.  

Dylan wanted to take a picture of me.  Pretty good skills for a 3-year-old.
Dylan was mad I made his picnic before park time.
Well, a few weeks ago, I made a day of it.  We grabbed the outside toys and Subway and had a picnic in the park and lots of playtime.  Check out some of the awesome-ness that is Dylan at the Park. 

Free from the picnic, and he must run, not walk to the park.


Dylan had to tell me the right and wrong way to use the slide.  Mr. Bossypants.

You cannot sit on the swing.

You have to let it crash you DOWN!

Then, you build mounds with the mulch.

And dump on your face.  It only makes sense.

Finally, we rid the playground of bad guys before we leave.

I'm so glad the weather was warm, Dylan was in an awesome mood, and mama was happy.  We spend two whole hours outside.  With storytime, we were gone 3.5 hours.  Yay!  No TV, no whining, no nagging; just happy time.  Oh, I'm not going to enjoy the winter trapped inside.  Sigh.

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