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Camp Moxie is due to open May 1.  I'm really excited, but also really nervous.  I'm not sure things are up to my standards for the launch.  I've also had a lot on my plate, which makes it hard to focus on one task.  Oh yeah, my family did an awesome job on passing down the procrastination gene, too.  You guys rock.  (sarcasm)  So, I feel like I've been on a wild ride.  I haven't been able to focus.  I haven't been able to have clear thoughts.  I have managed to make myself a little overwhelmed.  My solution is to take the next couple days, and slowly work out the kinks.  I want Camp Moxie to be fabulous, so that's where my focus will be.  I hate leaving you all hanging.  There's so much excitement to share, but once the dirty jobs are nailed out, we can party it up together!!  Phew!  I feel better just admitting I have issues.  XOXO to you all!!!

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  1. Don't worry about it. I think no one's shops were perfect when they were first launched. It's a constant improvement project.


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