Confessions... again

I just wanted to let things out a little.  Sometimes, when I write it all down (and then publish it for the whole world to read and judge me), things are put in perspective.

1.  I have put in about 75 hours, this week on Camp Moxie.  This mama isn't used to that!  I need to "grow a pair" and just do it, huh.  I love the shop and am super excited to be on this journey to my dreams, just a little overwhelmed.  But hey, anything that's worth something usually involves quite a bit of work.

2.  I need to put myself on a schedule.  Dyl is awesome at entertaining himself, knowing his boundaries and such.  Me, psh.  I get so side-tracked.  Basically, "Ohhh shiny!" and it takes 20 minutes to get back on task.

3.  April has been a busy month!!  3 birthdays, 2 baby showers (one I co-hosted), Easter, a road-trip, a health scare... phew!  I'm exhausted.

4.  Something happened to our computer.  I thought my life was over.  {Adding a new laptop to my business investments...}

5.  Our eating habits have been atrocious.  The cabinet is full of candy, cookies, cakes, soda... Our freezer houses 4 different kinds of ice cream.  Ayeee.. Jillian Michaels, come save me!!

6.  As I sit here typing this, I look around and see that it really isn't so bad.  I have a timeline and some organization.  All I need is some execution.  I think I may have it under control..  YES!!!  


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