Launch Day! {Giveaway Closed}

 Indie 3.0 has come to a close (sad).  Let's just say, I woke up this morning and didn't know how to start my day.  Luckily, today is Launch Day (happy!).  Many Indie 3.0 alumni are launching their stores, blogs, or new products.  So, let's start the fun!!

The fabulous Louana, of 11th Monkey, has listed everyone who is participating.  Head over to Louana's blog to get clickin'!  You won't be disappointed!

And for me, I'm lauching a product.  Well, sort of.  I had an amazing vision of a notebook design.  Yesterday, I was putting it all together and ran in to a few snafus.  I will persist to get it all right. (fingers crossed!)  So, instead, I will be giving away one of my super awesome vintage re-dos.

Mr. Owl used to be pretty creepy. 

Yeah... creepy.  So, Mr. Owl went into the shop to get a paint job and lacquer.  I think he's so handsome now.  Mr. Owl would love to come home with you!  If you would like him to come live with you, leave me a comment telling me your favorite sign of spring.  You must be a follower of i like your {{moxie}} kid to enter the contest.  The contest will be open for one week.  The winner will be drawn using, and announced on Monday! 

Check everyone out, show your love for Indie businesses!!


  1. I love his revamp. I'm a sucker for anything turquoise. I've been tie-dying vintage slip this colour today.

    Happy launch day!

  2. LOVe the owl! SOOOO cute!
    my favorite thing about spring - the smell of fresh cut grass!!!

    good luck to you on launch day!

  3. Thanks for the love and the links!!

    Love Mr. Owl! To enter your giveaway: favorite sign of spring the warm sunshine with a cool breeze.

  4. I'm actually a winter girl, but I do love the longer days that spring brings!

  5. this may sound so weird... but i love when you can start smelling the wild onions!!

    love the owl and love the color! happy Indie Biz day!

  6. That owl is fantastic! One of my favorite colors! I live in the Midwest right now, so the birds returning is my favorite sign of spring!

  7. That's a great idea to paint over him. He's now awesome and not creepy at all!

  8. Hello there...I love the birds singing. Super obvious but that's how I KNOW spring is here. :)

  9. I love owls! My favorite sign of spring would be all of the delicious seasonal fruit. Yum!!

  10. That looks great. My favourite sign of spring is the snow melting and the sun coming up earlier and earlier.

  11. oooh so cool!

    i think my favorite sign is the thunderstorms!

  12. great color!

    my favorite sign of spring : taking the snow tires OFF my bike!



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