Mission = Success!

Yesterday was so fabulous.  Dyl and I found a shop with 10,000 (!!!) square feet of vintage goodness.  You know this will be on my radar for like ever! The 12-year-old girl in my came out just now saying that.  But, it was exactly how I felt! ;)

Here's just ONE bookshelf/corner.  Let's just say the rest of the store was totally packed, as well.  {The lighting is the store was terrible for pictures, but so perfect for hunting.  Sorry about the in-store photo quality.}

My little treasure hunter.  He had a blast looking at all the cool stuff.  He's my son, for sure!

Now for the good stuff.  Check out the goodies I found.  I can't tell you how well they fit in for the Camp Moxie vibe!!

So in love with this flower brooch I found.  I spotted it and thought of Elsie of the fabulous blog A Beautiful Mess!! (I linked the picture of the displays Elsie made at Red Velvet with similar brooches.)

There were also these sweet mini plaques.  I immediately thought of Spring.  Awesome.

Vintage license plates are so cool.  I want to collect one from every place I've lived.. OK, so one from everywhere would make an awesome wall art display.  Decision made: I'm collecting license plates.

Sticking with the car theme, I found this sweet Ford hubcap.  I'm not a car aficionado, so I won't try to say the year.  I had the husband in mind when I picked it up, but he told me he doesn't like other people's junk.  My feelings were hurt, so I'm adding it to my personal stash.  hmm.. win-win still!

And the best find of the day!!  {I almost fell over when I found this.}  It may be mangled and need lots of TLC, but this mama was head-over-heels in love.

Just a canvas bag, you say?  NOOOOO... look closer.

It's a Boy Scouts of America rucksack!!!!  EEEEE!!  The bindings are coming apart and the  leather straps are dried out and flaking, BUT, I will save this beauty.  It found the right home. 

I woke up this morning, and all I wanted to do was go back.  Who wants to come with me!?

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