Oh My Family

I've been missing and I blame Sara Gruen for it all, and my husband.  Sara Gruen: because she wrote "Water for Elephants" and I read it straight through yesterday.  The story is ah-MAZE-balls!!!  I actually wanted to go camp out at the movie theater (probably really unnecessary, but the only rational thought in my head), just to be one of the firsts to watch the movie.



And I blame my husband:  His iPod crashed and he thought his life was over until the problem was resolved.  Basically, he commandeered the computer, kicking me off, and working away at technical issues.  Sigh. 

But, I'm back today, with a long post to catch up.

My mom and step-dad's backyard is pretty awesome.  The kiddos probably think it's a jungle.  There's flowers and bunnies all over the place.  Dyl and his cousin K had a blast climbing through the "tunnel" to their play area.

While the kids played, the grown-ups (do you ever have to stop yourself and think, "Hey, I'm supposed to be an adult.... weird!?") had their own fun.  We're a "tutti-fruity" family... pretty colorful... entertain ourselves... odd sense of humor.  Our bond has always held strong with picking on each other.  As long as the majority of us are laughing, it's allllll good.  For example:

{Brother Andrew and sis-in-law Jessica.  Love them.}

Andrew has/had an upper lung infection, so he automatically became "Weezy".  lol.  And as the day progressed and the beverages got us rowdy (for lack of better terms), the heckling began.

Random neighbor down the alley yells at ?? and it has nothing to do with us. 

Andrew: (loudly) "Hey, what did you say?!  Huh!?  You talking to us!?"

Everyone laughs.

Me: (acting as Andrew) "I may be fat and weezy, but I'll still get ya!"

More laughing.

It carried ON and ON and OOOOONNNN.  Love my crazy family.  I don't think I could actually share much else of our conversations.  You may not want to know.  ha!

{Side note: I do not think my brother is fat.}

The parents' dog, Roxy..  she smiles.  I tried all day to get her to do it so I could take a picture.  Didn't get it on film, but it kind of looks like this:

Too much.

We also celebrated Aussie's birthday.

Such a good uncle for letting the kiddies help blow out his candles. 

We all had a blast together.  Gotta love my tutti fruity family!!

Everyone have a safe and happy Easter weekend!  See you Monday!!

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  1. Water for Elephants is amazing. Amazing book I need to reread it and I can not can not wait for the movie!!

    Happy weekend! Happy Easter!


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