Gettin' Crabby

So, Thursday, I put it out there that I wished my child was a snowman (read about it here).  Well, low and behold, during the baby shower on Saturday, he did his business.  Yay!!  I am the ecstatic mother that took a picture of the potty and then sent it to his father.  lol.  Seems a little odd, but it was a BIG triumph for our family.

We had bribed our son to do his business in the potty.  That didn't work.  Then, we took away all his privileges (ie: No Spongebob, no Angry Birds, nothing fun), so that he would focus on the task at hand.  Finally, persistence did pay off. 

Dyl knew that he got a big prize when he finally got used to the idea of going in the potty.  We've only been talking about this for a year... sigh.  Dyl said he wanted fishies.  That just doesn't work for me.  The last time the husband and I had fish, the husband's fish developed a weird fungus and died.  Then, my fish decided to be weird and hide all the time, so the husband flushed it.  No fish for us.


Growing up, I remember our school librarian having an ENORMOUS tank full of hermit crabs.  Low maintenance, no noise, easier fungus control.  Bingo!  I have found our next pet. 

How cute is that? 

In doing my research, I have found they have fruity crabs... well kind of.

Introducing, the Blueberry Hermit Crab!

and the Strawberry Hermit Crab!!

We are soooo getting Hermit Crabs.  I'm excited to go searching for the supplies and tank decorating.  Hmm... I wonder what theme I should go with???  I'm 100% sure that I'm more excited than the child.  {I'm a geek.}  Wait... maybe I should talk to the husband about this.... I said maybe! ;)

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