Spring has Sprung!

Over the weekend, we went to Kansas to hang out with my family.  While the husband was deployed, I was used to going about once a month for a whole week.  I hadn't been back since Christmas, so I wasn't going to complain about having only a few days.  It was a blast.  I loved seeing everyone and being able to relax and laugh with everyone.  I needed that break.   I'll have to share more later.  I have lots of pictures to share!!

And even though I love my family, it's so nice to be home.  I love home.  It's always an adventure unloading the car, unpacking, and all that jazz.  When we got back home, Dylan yelled out "Hey the trees are fluffy!! Come loook!!"

Sure enough!  It seems, out of nowhere, our trees had blossomed.  The smell is fabulous!!  I just wished my grass was green.

But, instead, it's covered in powered mini vehicles and toys.  Sigh.  Oh well!!  Spring is here!!!! 

I'm happy to be home.  Can't wait to catch up in the blog world.  I feel like I've been so disconnected to my web friends.  Hiiiii everyone!!! I'm baaack!!  :)

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