Fresh for Spring

I thought I had nothing to say today, so I was just going to let you have a break from me.  But, I just couldn't do it.  :) 

I got a haircut!!  Not generally big news, but this is quite a bit different.   (excuse me while I pull a Will Ferrell) "Hey everybody come see how good I look!"  hahaha.

Here's before:

and after:

I really don't know which I like better.  Long hair has so many options.  I love the ease of pulling it up out of the way.  But short hair, it feels fresh.  Hmm.. Good thing it always grows, so I can keep changing my mind. 

Also, you can still enter the giveaway for Launch Day!  Hello to everyone who's new!!  I've noticed lots of friendly new faces stop by.  Love it!!  Hope you all have a fabulous rest of the day!!


  1. Your short hair really suits you, it looks so pretty (^_^)

  2. love the hair!! I'm a short hair girl myself!

  3. adorable! i love short cuts....headbands and accessories look waaaaay better in shorter hair..just sayin'. ;)


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