Friday Confessions

Leigh-Ann of Freckled Nest wrote her 6 Confessions and I thought it would be fun to share mine today. =0 )

6 Confessions by Ashley Crenshaw

1.  I HATE mornings. My son has the worst way of waking me up.  It involves incessant talking, repeated phrases, throwing my phone at my face and then demanding me to carry is 4 favorite objects down the stairs.

2.  I LOVE peace and quiet.  I never get it, so I treasure those moments.

3.  My favorite day of the week is Tuesday.  I always wondered why, so I looked up the day I was born.  Yep, it was Tuesday.  AND I was married on a Tuesday... hmmm.  Has this happened to anyone else?

4.  I have so many pictures I need to take this weekend.  I've been filing through my inspirations to find great set-ups and all that.  Really inspired.

5.  If I have to watch one more episode of ANY cartoon, I may have to be checked into an asylum. 

6.  I still have my blankie.  I found it in a box a few days ago.  Honestly, I was too scared to hold it in fear of it crumbling to pieces.  My husband thinks I'm weird and need to let go of it.  I keep hiding it in random places around the house, so he won't find it and throw it out.

Happy Friday everyone!!!

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