Ready for Random?

Since I have self-diagnosed A.D.D., this post is just full of things I've been up to.  You know, I haven't been able to actually accomplish a lot, in terms of being "productive".  Around here, I'm just going with it.  There's been a lot of distractions like, "OH that's shiny!"  "Oh Prettttty!"  "I wanna do _______ instead."  "You can't make me fill out those papers."  Ha!  Here's what's been going on in my world.

{Sorry for the crotch shot.}  I took some time to make my bed, light a candle, and just read a book.  Yeah, that doesn't happen with Dyl around.  Nice try.

I'm addicted to spray-painting.  If I don't like it, I paint it.  I'm working up something pretty to put inside the frame.

I have had a geeky crush on John Mayer for quite some time.  When my husband deployed to Iraq, John became my dream husband.. You know, I would have dreams that John and I were jumping on his bed together and holding hands.  We would giggle at each other.  I can't believe I shared that.  lol!  As much as I enjoyed to dreams, it became a little obsessive.  Well, enter the Grammy's:  Sunday night, I caught a glimpse of dream husband Mr. Mayer looking a LOT like Mr. Depp.  *Jaw dropped* Thanks for throwing fuel on the fire John.  Ha!  Oh, I need my one and only, real life husband back!
 The orchids my fabulous husband sent me for Valentine's Day, decided to go ka-put on me.  Luckily, the company was more than happy to replace them.  But, I wanted to see if I could get a few more photos out of them before they went to orchid heaven. 

Even though orchids don't grow in typical soil (they prefer a bark mix), it makes a pretty picture.  I can totally enjoy the color, and hints to spring, while I wait for my replacements. 

 I watched Glee, you know the Bieber Fever episode?  Yeah, I was wearing this outfit, by coincidence.  I HAD to take a picture. 

Shortly after I found out I was pregnant with Dylan, I immediately craved Krispy Kreme doughnuts.  Within five minutes of this craving, I was in the car on my way to the doughnut shop.  Much to my disappointment, the shop had closed.  Well, 4 years later, our gas station carries the doughnuts.  I broke down yesterday and got some for breakfast this morning.  But, you know, I can't just eat the doughnut.  I have to take it to extremes.  Let me share with you.  Take your doughnut, this works best on plain ole glazed, and place in a bowl.  Slather your doughnut with butter, then heat in the microwave.  Heaven!!  I only do this once every.. several years or so?  It's fattening and addicting.. so consider yourself warned! ha!

See?  Totally random!  That's my life though!  Happy Friday everyone!!

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