Valentine's Day for One

It sounds worse than it really is... OK, no it doesn't.  I miss the husband.  I wish he could be home to romance me and sweep me off my feet.  I wish he would be here to drink wine and giggle with me.  But, since he's deployed, I'll just have to romance myself. 

Here's what I'm thinking for a peaceful retreat for my Valentine's evening for one.

NO fancy dinner.  A) Dylan won't eat it.  For some reason, he doesn't like to eat dinner.. Oh wait, if we have hot dogs he's there.. Gag.  B) I would have to cook it.  C) I would have to clean up.  D) I just don't care too much about the dinner part. 

I DO care about the dessert. 

Helloooo Paula Deen's Red Velvet Sandwich cookies!!  Yep, I'm going to make those, but I think I'm going to change up the colors a little.  OOHH and pass them out to my friends.

Then, I'll most likely take a bath and enjoy some champagne.  But, a bath isn't a special bath without something from Lush.  Check out what I ordered.

Bath bombs, massage bars, and a frog prince = bathing perfection.  And if you've never ordered from Lush, or been to a store... *Gasp*  You would feel like you've died and gone to heaven.  Amazing!!  I've been in love with Lush since we went to Banff, AB Canada once in like, wow, 1997?  Anyways, perfection in the bathing department.  It's all handmade, and there are Vegan friendly options.

So, back to my date with myself... I think it may end after the bath.  I've had this horrible cough lately, so I'm not sure if I can be up past the hours of 9.  ha!  But, if I'm feeling ambitious, I'm totally renting a chick flick.  I love anything that makes me cry.  You know, pulls at your heartstrings.  I may revisit a classic, I may find something new.  Hmm.. anyone care to share their favorites?

Well, it doesn't sound so bad after all.  I'm actually pretty excited about this!

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