If it was going to go wrong...

it did!

{Writing this on Tuesday night (while coloring my hair) to post on Wednesday morning, so I can sleep in.. what a day!}

Today was supposed to be my AWESOME day of freedom, that I have once a week.  I take Dylan to the sitter and go about my business, child-free!  Everything started out great... I woke up early, had my coffee, played computer games, checked my e-mail, and got dressed just in time for Dyl to wake up.  Phew!

Fast forward to 8:30...

Upon checking the weather, the temperature was currently -7, with a high of -2... BOOO!  So, I went to start the Jeep and get it nice and toasty.  I put our bags in the car on the passenger side and reached over to put the key in the ignition to turn it on.  Didn't start.  I thought, "Hey, you're a smart little lady you sweet Jeep you.  I bet I have to be sitting on the driver's seat to start it."  (You know weight sensitivity and all that safety stuff..)  So, I tried it again from my commander's chair.  Uh yeah, no go.  I run inside to message the husband, who is in Iraq, so I don't know why I thought it would help.  He said jump(start) it.  I said, GOT IT!  I try again.  No go.  Lucky for me, my neighbor came to put her trash out and I asked for her help.  She gets in her truck and pulls it down the drive and runs over her trash can.  OK.. I should've ran right then.  Nope, I'm a stubborn chick with an agenda!  Eventually, we did get the Jeep started!!!  There were numerous times I accidentally touched the ends together and sparks shot out everywhere.  I should've been set on fire then.

Dylan is now off to the sitter.  I have a fabulous day getting groceries (alone), getting Dylan some much needed larger clothes (alone), and sitting in quiet (alone).

After picking up Dylan from the sitter, I come home and start making potato soup for dinner.  Then, I pull the tags off Dylan's clothes, and start the wash.  We're eating dinner, like a happy little family (we miss you D!!), and I hear water SPLASHING all over my floor.  Apparently, the pipes that drain the water from the washer were frozen.  Thank goodness I was smart enough to shut off the washer!  FOUR GIANT beach towels and FOUR bath towels later, I feel confident in my mopping skills.  I even pulled out the dryer to get behind the set and towel up what I could.  When I was behind the dryer, I kept feeling freeeeeezing cold air down my rear crack.  At first I giggled (because it TICKLED OK!?).  But then, it was really cold.  I figured it was because the laundry set is on the outside wall by the uninsulated garage.  I get the dryer pushed back into place and then throw in the moist towels from the mop-up. 

I'm back enjoying my fabulous potato soup and rolls with Dyl.  Not five minutes later, our smoke alarms start SCREAAAAMING!!  I panic!!  Run and turn off the fire place!  Turn off the space heater upstairs!!! Fan out any candles burning!!  Dyl is screaming, "MOM FIIIIX IT NOOOOOW!"  This adds to my panic, and I run to the garage to see if that happened to be on fire.  I don't know why, but better safe than sorry.  Nothing that can set fire is on.  I don't smell smoke anywhere.  What the heck is going on?  I look at the windows and they are fogged over.  Hmm.. I turn back to the dryer to see if that was on fire.  Nope, I just forgot to hook up the exhaust again.  No wonder it was so warm and moist for those 5 minutes.  I stop the dryer, and open the back door to the now -8 degree weather.  Buh-bye warmth and moisture! Wow.  I should've taken the cold air tickles a different way.

THEN, while cleaning up the dishes from dinner, the sink pipes have clogged.  I hadn't put anything down the disposal.  I reach my hand down there.. Nothing.. as usual.  So, I turn on the disposal with cool water.  That clears that up.  Then, I smell the disposal start to overheat.  I quickly shut it off and walk away.  I'm not taking on that jerk tonight too.

I am convinced this would not happen if the husband were here.  But, in those situations, I tend to blame him anyways! ;)

SHAMALAMADINGDONG HOLY CRAP!!!  My head is burning!!!!!!!!!

27 minutes later...

Wow, I can't believe I typed all that out instead of just going to rinse is all off. 
All of a sudden, I am reminded of this post and my very first post.  Do these things happen to anyone else?  Is it seriously just me? 

Let's just call it a night!  I can't top that one. 

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