Of course...

Yesterday, I got the Victoria Secret spring catolog.  I saw this bag and fell in love.

Well, I went online to check it out.  I thought, hey I'll save my money and get a prize when I can.  Nope.  "This item is no longer available."

I called the number in the catolog.  They won't be getting anymore in.  I called the store.  They don't have the item.  I looked on e-bay.  Nope.

But then, I thought I could make it.  Luckily, before I even thought about buying supplies, I checked my sewing machine.  The footer won't be able to push through the thick material. 


Any ideas??

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  1. oooh that bag is cute! i can thing of a bajillion items to fill it. :) i'm a new follower and i'm in the indie biz course with you. that's how i found ya. nice to meet you. aren't you soooooooo excited for class to start?



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