Getting My Happy Back

One day at a time.. ya know?  Sunday was a pretty heavy day for me.  The loss of a friend can really take a toll on you.  But, I'm determined to take a look around, really to SEE and to FEEL and to just BE. 

I took time yesterday to spend with my little man.  His daddy and I gave him a SpongeBob Valentine's book, those chalk-y Valentine's hearts (stick to the traditions), and Horton Hears a Who.  Dylan was sitting in my his chair, and yelled up the stairs to me, "MOM!  I have some-fing for yoooooouu tooooo!!  Come see!"  So, I went down to see what he came up with.  He grabbed a candy heart and said, "Valentime for you mommy.  Just 'cause I wuv you."  Melt my heart. 

Dyl and I had a lunch date.  I'm pretty sure I got a gold star for letting him have cheeseburgers and french fries.  (Take the victories where you can. ha!) 

Upon arriving at home, from lunch, I found an AMAZING surprise...

Hellloooooo FABULOUS orchids!!!  I have THE BEST husband in the world!!  They are so amazing and gasp.  You may be thinking, "Why not roses?"  I do enjoy roses, but I think orchids are more amazing.. Oh and peonies.  I just love the unexpectedness of it.  Special flowers.

Later in the evening, Dyl and I cuddled up to watch his movie. 

My sweet boy fell asleep.  How can you not love that face?

Then, it was my turn to pamper myself.  I needed quiet, peaceful luxury.

Soft light from the candles.  I also had to unscrew some of the lights.  Lighting is key.

 Bubbles!!! (I like Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap) and bath salts... delightful!!

I soaked, and melted away tension, stress, thoughts... everything.  I want to have a date night with myself more often!

After my bath, I attempted to watch Casablanca.  Can you believe I have never seen it?  Well, my amazing bath put me in some sort of a sleepy/foggy/coma state.  I couldn't even make in 15 minutes into the movie.  But, a 10pm bedtime was well worth it!

Did everyone have a great Valentine's Day??  I know I did!

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