Photoshop Fun

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I've spent hours and hours trying to teach myself Adobe Photoshop.  I thought I knew a little of what I was doing until I found this website via Poppytalk.  Fun fun fun!!!  I'm learning so much and wanted to share the vintage effect I gave to one of my photos.

Here's my niece and I, the original picture:

Vintage-y re-do:
I think this is so cool!!  Now you know what I'm going to be doing alllll weekend! ;)
Happy Friday!!!


  1. Found you via Indie Business Flikr group. I've got a lot to learn in Photoshop too. It's so intimidating to me that I rarely even open it up. I'll have to check out that link though. Your editing turned out great! ~Melissa

  2. Hey Melissa! Thanks for stopping by!! Photoshop can be so intimidating, but I've taught myself everything through trial and error, and reading other people's tutorials. It's been a fun adventure!

    And on a side note, how excited for Indie are you!? I'm just dyyyying to get started!


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