Fab Finds

Look at what I found yesterday.  I love it all.  And, it's kind of a coincidence all these items are in the same picture.  I have FINALLY found a name for my shop.  Do you think you can guess what it is?

You'll have to wait to find out...but, just a little wait.  ;)

I also found...

  this itty bitty goodness.  Aren't the colors and ruffles awesome?


This big mama must have taken so much time to make.  I have a king size bed, and big mama took up a more-than-fair share.  I was drawn to the mellow yellows and creams in the blanket, but got to looking a little closer... I think I need to do some work on her.

So, why do I tease you with all this goodness?  Well, you'll see these beauts again.  These fabulous finds will be in my shop!  I'm so excited to get things on the ball, but it does take lots of un-fun work.  Which, is probably the reason for my grumpiness yesterday.

I felt like a 'Mean Girl'.  I don't know what was in the air/water/stars, but it was just not my day.  That's not the energy I wanted to share with you lovely readers.  There are more inspirational things to share.  There's encouragement and love that needs to be spread around.  So, pardon my absence.  I needed to have a talk with myself.  I'm better today!  Yay!

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