Surviving Sick Days

Thanks for the well wishes and being patient with me this week!!  Man, once the bug hits, it's like a huhahahahaha WIIIIIIPEOUT!  I've gone through one box of green tea, four cans of soup, a carton of chicken broth, and one package of Goldfish.  That was just me... what a baby.  haha.

Anyways, here's how I survive sick days.  You gotta make 'em fun.  So, first I gather up all my medicine supplies - tissues, meds, a timer, notebook, etc.  I keep notes of when I gave out my last dosages.  You never want to over medicate.  Scary!  The timer always helps in case I fall asleep.

Then, I make sure I have LOTS of green tea, juices, snacks.. the usual "sick" stuff.  I also tried coconut water to help me hydrate.  I'm in love!  Today, I feel like a new person after drinking just one carton of it.  Totally worth a shot.

Next, I grab a bunch of movies, children's books, and magazines.  If Dyl wants to watch a movie, I can read.  I can also read to Dyl to get a break from the TV.  We mainly just cuddle.  I love that part. 

And because I can't bring our bed to the living room, we make a blanket fort.

So much fun.  I was hoping lil man would fall asleep, but I think it wound him up.  Come to think of it, he's not really acting like he's sick.  But that poor guy is so congested.  Is it all boys that are crazy while they're sick? 

lol yep. 

Anyways, I'm off to enjoy the weekend.  I hope you all are staying well!!

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