I'm Not Gonna Lie...

This card from Old Tom Foolery says it all.  Every time I visit their shop, I get a good laugh, and totally relate to about 75% of the cards.  You should check them out! haha

BUT, I have to go through my 7 confessions.  Just so you know what page I'm on.

1.)  I wish my child was a snowman, so he would just poop marshmallows.  Potty training for no. 2 is THE.WORST!

2.)  Our family has something planned for EVERY weekend in April.  Two baby showers, Easter, a possible Deftones concert, one birthday, and one trip to see my family.  All the things listed above are super awesome-ly exciting, but I can feel my body wanting to give out already.  Sigh.

3.) This weekend, the baby shower I'm planning (with some awesome help!!) will be happening at my house.  I've thrown some pretty legen-wait for it-DARY parties in my life, so this one must rock.  Under pressure!

4.)  I have been battling a sinus infection.  There's nothing that brings Sexy Back more than mucous and runny noses.  I feel HOT! ;)

5.)  Through my Indie course, I have been in correspondence with a TON of awesome people.  I want to be able to give each person the attention I feel necessary to nurture our friendships.  I have failed.  But, be patient with me my Indie folks!! I've got my fingers on ya and will totally be knockin' on your virtual door to chat it up!  Hint: If you wanna get in touch with me.. e-mail me.  I'm so far behind with our Lounge chats.  ♥ you all!

6.)  I would be happy drinking Diet Vanilla Cokes and eating Cheetos all day.

7.)  I think I've rambled on too much and lost you at confession no. 2.  Ha!


1 comment:

  1. Pooping marshmallows!!! Hehe, and I recently saw the Easter Bunny poop jelly beans in a movie trailer. What if we could all poop stuff like that?!?!

    Confession #5, I know! It's hard, but I want to try too!


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