The Camp Moxie Story pt. 01

This story begins with a woman.  A woman, which by typical standards, was in her prime at age twenty-five.  The woman was blessed with an amazing husband and wonderful child.  They filled her life with joy.  She was in great health and spirits.  She had a positive outlook on life.  The woman appeared to have the world at her feet, but in fact, something was missing.

The woman knew in her heart, her soul, and her being, there was a page to her story that needed to be written.  She was missing a spark, some spunk, perhaps.  The first words to start the next chapter in her book of life was exactly what she needed.  She dove into books, magazines, and journals searching for the right words.  The woman needed to find her path. 

Life continued on as she searched and dreamed.  Dishes needed to be washed.  Trash needed to be taken to the curb.  The day-to-day monotonies clouded over her visions.  The woman felt desperate to break free and find her happy place.

The thought came to her one morning as she was eating her breakfast.  "Create the world that you love, so you may share it with others.  You can share your passion and joy.  You can create a retreat for women to find their pieces of the puzzle.   You can inspire them to find their joy and spirit.  There must be more like me."

She sat with this thought for a moment and knew this is what she must do.  This became her mission.  A mission for herself, and for other women. 

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