Lots of Planning

There are so many wonderful things going on in my life.  The husband is home (yay!),  I'm crafting the Camp Moxie world (yay!), and I'm planning a baby shower for one of my favorite friends (Woo hoo!!). 

The husband and I are re-adjusting to each other.  He's adjusting to "normal" life.  I'm loving watching how he plays with Dyl.  They chase each other around the house.  I hear Dyl yelling, "Dad, let's play Tag You're It!!!"  I see them laughing and smiling and it totally warms my heart.

Camp Moxie is growing and blossoming.  I'm so excited about this new venture.  I have a bit more to work on before I share it, but it will be fabulous!

Now for the baby showers.  My history has been horrible with throwing a shower.  The first two I had planned, the mothers went into birth the day before and day of their showers.  Sigh.  Well, this time, I'm ON IT.  Plus, I've enlisted the help of two other fab femmes.  Either it will be, the third time's a charm, or the extra help will break the curse.  {Renae: You're not allowed to do anything exciting the week leading up to your shower.  I'm putting my foot down.}

Here's some inspiration I've found for the shower.

Since the men are invited, it's a total BBQ.  Yum!


What is a celebration without balloons?


Martha Stewart, as always, provides awesome printables.  You can download these Fine Art Butterfly Specimens here.  These butterflies are perfect for a baby shower, minus some of the creepy feeling you get from the black and white, stoic men on the walls.

Flowers... need I say more?

{via frolic!}

Now that's just some of the inspiration.  I'm not sure if my little mama will be reading this, so it's just a taste. 

What are you all planning?  Anything exciting?  Something inspirational?  I'd love to hear about it!!

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  1. I don't have anything fun like that to plan, but have you ever used Mealtrain to help people sign up for meals when baby comes? It's awesome!


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