After my inspiration hunt yesterday, I wanted to compile a few things that had caught my attention.

How can you not love Adele?  This is the coolest video and song.  I'm in love.
Elsie and Emma made Fight Club chocolate bars.  Go here to check it out.  Then, it made me miss "the club that you don't talk about."  In high school, the boys actually started their own Fight Club.  It was kind of comical.  But, since I was not endowed with a "Y" chromosome, I was not allowed.  I always argued that they broke the first and second rule of the club, so why not let me in.  :(  I didn't get far with that one, but I digress.  I'm so watching Fight Club this weekend.


Katie from Skunkboy Creatures makes the MOST ADORABLE little animals.  I think I want one of each.  But, this beauty HAS to come to my Camp Moxie studio.  Obsessed.

I love Pantone's Spring 2011 color forecast.  Check it out here.  With colors like Honeysuckle, Coral Rose, Beeswax, Lavender, Blue Curacao, and more, I know this spring is going to be so delightful!


Love this look by J.Crew!  Total date night look.  Now if only I could afford the $600 jacket.  ha!  Someday?

I'm totally excited about all these things.  I hope you found something you can enjoy as well!!

xoxo Ashley


  1. I love that Adele song, she's got a great voice. I also love Fight Club. It seems like such a guy's movie but mmmmmmmm yeah. I think I'll watch it this weekend too :-)

  2. "Sticking feather up your but does not make you a chicken"

    BEST MOVIE!!!!

  3. oh my gosh! i just found adeles song like two days ago and now i cant stop listening to it! :) i love it!


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