A Good Story

I love a good story.  I love when dreamers can warp you into their world and it feels magical.  You can feel the essence of their imaginations.  You can breathe the magic and wonder in the air. 

Vanessa Valencia of "A Fanciful Twist", has captured my heart for quite some time.  She's an AMAZING story-teller, dreamer, and artist. 

I love how she takes the most magical pictures.

And you should definitely check out her amazing decor.

How about that sweet, fuzzy face!? 

I feel like I've known Vanessa for years!  I've been following her blog since about 2005/2006-ish?, and we've never met, but man I would love to spend a day with her.


Go check her out and be inspired!  I know I am!

1 comment:

  1. wonderful pictures, thank you for sharing her blog.


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