Happy St. Patrick's Day (2011 edition)

{To print: Click the picture above.  Then, right click and print.  Hang in a spot you see often.  Carry it around in your pocket.}

The other night, my husband and I were sucked into a Rob Dyrdek/Fantasy Factory marathon.  {I LOOOOVE that show.  So hilarious!}  I noticed Rob's shirt said, "Make Your Own Luck."  I thought, how perfect!!  So I whipped out this little picture for you all to print.  I think it's a good little reminder, that you are in charge of the paths you take.  You control where you want to go in life.  Make it work for you! 

So, after you print out this little picture, I encourage you to hop around in your green little outfit and listen to some Flogging Molly.  Maybe you'll have a Guinness or two to celebrate? 

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

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