The Goods

This week, I featured part 01 of the Camp Moxie story.  (There will be lots more in the Camp Moxie story, so stay tuned!)  I wanted to take everyone on a journey into my shop, how it came about, and what Camp Moxie will be about.  I love feeling connected to what I see.  I'm a very visual person, which probably has to do with my creative side.  But, the part I didn't mention earlier is that the items in the pictures I took will be part of the inventory of my shop (eee!!!).

In case you didn't get a close-up, here's additional shots.

  Fun fun!!

I have always loved decorating, and have always loved vintage items.  So, part of my shop will be fabulous vintage finds, that I've brought back to life.  Just items to make your everyday life a little retreat - hence, Camp Moxie.  = 0 )

I've pretty much decided, that as I feature products on my blog, I will give my readers the option to buy the items, rather than wait until my shop opens.  That is, if something strikes your fancy.  We'll say that's my little treat to you all!  My readers are fabulous!!

And, this is not the only items I have.  Oh, let me tell you... The husband almost keeled over when he saw the TWO storage boxes packed with other goodies.  Ha!  Did I mention, I love treasure hunting?

Hope you all have a terrific "hump day"!!  Friday is right around the bend!!
♥ AC


  1. fun! i love the glass container with the flowers. :)

  2. Great finds...One of my favorite things to do is 'treasure hunt!' I also grabbed your button :)

  3. i love love the glass jar with the printed flowers!!


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