Texting Terrors

With the wonderful world of technology, comes phones that think they know everything and Auto Correct.  Sigh.  It honestly does produce some good laughs.  Like this conversation I had with my husband yesterday.

ME:  have you seen Austin's Jew Harley?

Hubs:  aaand what is a Jew Harley?  are you prejudice?

ME:  nooo i meant knew Harley.

Hubs:  umm love, have you been drinking?

ME:  no!  i just woke up.

Hubs:  that doesn't mean anything.

ME:  ye of little faith.  i'll just talk to you when you get home.  putting my phone in timeout for making me look like a loser.

Yeah.  That totally happened.  And if you haven't seen some of these epic fails, check out a few of my favorites from Damn You Auto Correct!.

Have a happy weekend everyone!!!!!


  1. mad emes mile...jk...made me smile:)!!...what a funny post:)


  2. Hey, fellow Indie Bizzer! This is so funny- I was trying to read the one about nasalsausages to my husband and I couldn't get through it. I love a good laugh :-)


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