Ice Cream Coma

I almost had a heart attack at the grocery store yesterday.  I tell you what. 

The husband and I loaded up the child to do some grocery shopping.  You know, it's funny that our pantry, fridge, AND freezer are all full, yet we have nothing to eat.  Sigh.  So, we started on the non-food side to get our fillers: hair dye, plant fertilizer, other toxic chemicals, can opener, a set of mini tractors.. always the items that people see together and think 'what the heck!?'

Anywho, after chasing the husband and child around the store, I caught up with them and we headed over to the food stuff.  I'm not really paying attention to what the husband is trying to tell me because I have spotted the Holy Grail of ice creams.

FINALLY!!!  Blue Bell has arrived in Colorado!! 

I have been infatuated with Blue Bell ice cream for over 15 years.  My grandparents in Texas had introduced me to the greatness that is Blue Bell.  I would eat, at least, two bowls a day while staying with them. 

My In-Laws even had some at their place.  I remember saying, "YOU HAVE BLUE BELL HERE TOO!?" and Mother-in-Law replied, "Everything good comes from the south honey."  HA!

I could hardly wait until after dinner to eat my first bowl in about 3.5 years.  I was making love to my food.  (Have you seen The Switch?  hahaha)

I am so happy to announce, that I will be in an Ice Cream Coma for the next week, or until I get sick.  My waistline is not happy, but my soul is.  I think that's more important. 


  1. Oh my word! Blue Bell gets me in trouble everytime. LOL. Try the Banana Pudding flavor!

  2. You lucky girl! I remember Blue Bell from living in Texas many years ago. I buy some every time I'm in the south!

  3. Congrats!!! Oh man, that post made me hungry. Good thing AZ is usually well-stocked

  4. As a Texan (who lived in New York for a long period of time, where there is no Blue Bell!), I share your excitement! Blue Bell is truly the best. The chocolate chip cookie dough is my favorite.


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