One Phone Call


I recently got a phone call.  Normally, it's no big news.  Usually, the calls come from telemarketers, wrong numbers, or the occasional inmate looking for bail.  (Yes, I got one of those last month.  A little scary!)  But, this call... this call made my heart soar.

Voice on Phone (VoP): "Is this Ashley?"

Me: "Yes?"

VoP: "I was just calling to inform you, your soldier will be home ______."  (For the soldiers' safety, I'm not sharing details.)

Me:  (!!!!!!!!!!!!!)  Thanks!!!!

{Picture me screaming and jumping on my bed!}

Yes.  MY soldier is coming home.


I've only seen my Mr. for 2 weeks in the last year.  Yep, one whole year.  Talk about a horrible business trip.  ;)  I did know I was marrying a soldier at the time I said my vows.  I do not regret marrying a soldier, because HE is the one I fell in love with.  I would follow him to the edge of the Earth.  That said, the Army doesn't issue the wives any kind of materials on how to be an Army wife.  What I've come up with so far: I know the job is tough and you miss your spouse a bunch.

I have also learned, I don't want to take any moments with him for granted.  It's easy to get busy.  It's easy to work away the day and veg out in front of the TV/computer at night.  I do it.  I want to make that DID it. 

I want to kiss him every chance I get.  I want to talk his ear off.  I want to drink wine and laugh.  My Mr. makes me laugh.  We love watching Comedy Central stand-up.  It's not the same without him.  We play Guitar Hero together... he's super amazing, so it's more like I watch him whip my booty at the game.  My Mr. and I have such a great time together.

That's why I'm taking the rest of the week off.  I may sneak in here and there, but I deserve this time.  My Mr. deserves this time.  There's so much to catch up on and take in.  I'm so happy and nervous and anxious.  It's like we're going to be kids again.

Do me a favor.. kiss your love especially well today.  You deserve it too!!


  1. Have such a FAB time with your Soldier Missus!!!
    I felt a lump in the back of my throat when I read this! So thank you for making me realise who is special in my life and keeping that in check for me! Enjoy your time together! xxxx

  2. this was a great post to read because it's making me feel blessed to have my hubby at home at night. Enjoy your time with your Mr!
    -erika (indie biz classmate)

  3. Yeah baby!!! I'm so happy for you!

  4. Congratulations! Enjoy your time.


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