At the Dinner Table

Dylan decided he wanted to eat dinner at the table.  I thought it would be the PERFECT opportunity to shut off his nerve-grating, burned-into-your-brain-for-a-lifetime cartoons.  We were eating some kind of pasta and veggies with rolls meal, and I had finished my food.  Little man had eaten his roll and thought he was finito.  No bueno for mama. 

Me: "Eat your trees (broccoli) and carrots Bubba."

Dylan: "No, just am full."

Me: "Ooh, put your bites on your fork and fly them into your mouth.  That would be so cool!"

Dylan: "OK, let me try."  Instead of eating his bites, he flung them into their air as if his food plane were in a collision.

Me: Slaps forehead with hand.

I used every trick I thought I knew and the only thing that came to my brain was... "There's a party in your tummy! So Yummy! So Yummy!"  F--- ME!!!!!  "YEAAAAAAAH!"  The Yo Gabba Gabba universe had infiltrated my brain and made itself right at home.  (If you feel it necessary to learn this song and sing along, or you are on drugs looking for something fascinating to watch, go here.)

I swear to you, Dylan's face lit up.  He asked, "Does corn want come to party tummy too?"

Me: "Yes!  The corn would be so sad if it didn't get to join the party in your tummy!"  And he eats.

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