Super Cola Cup

Well, I used to have this GIANT glass cup that said "ICED TEA" in a lovely orange.  I loved that cup with all my heart.  {I was looking through all my pictures hoping to find my ICED TEA cup and was unsuccessful.}

After three fabulous days with my ICED TEA cup, it decided to jump off the counter and commit suicide.  I was devastated. 

Once I gathered up the remaining pieces of ICED TEA, and said my peace, I was on a mission to find his replacement.  Although, it may never be ICED TEA, I was willing to give another glass a shot.


Introducing SUPER COLA!  He's definitely the close relative of ICED TEA, not as cool, but totally related.  I can drink in peace again.  Thank you Goodwill!


  1. I have a giant glass like this that says "Big Mama" in red. I understand your devastation... it's a rare/perfect find ;)


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