I Have A.D.D.

It's self diagnosed, of course.

Yesterday, I was spray painting the thrift store goodness I was planning on sharing with you all here.  Well, I was waiting for paint to dry, literally watching the paint drying...  I told myself I could clean up the kitchen and get back to work. 

I was cleaning the outside of the cabinets, then it hit me I saw something sticky on the inside.  That turned into taking everything out of the cabinets and off the shelves to clean the inside, as well.  That lead to crumbs getting on the counter, the floor, other drawers.  So, I cleaned out EVERY surface of my kitchen. 

Night fall came and I looked outside and totally forgot about my thrift store goodness. 

Yep, I have A.D.D....

So for today I will leave you with a video that makes me laugh every single time I see it.  This video contains adult language and some graphic content, parents please be advised.  (HAHAH I watch too much TV).

If you want to waste hours of your time, check out http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/.
 or this video (for my mommy!), and my brothers used to sing me this one to wake me up in the mornings (blame them if it gets stuck in your head all day.  A SNAAAAAKE!)

One more.. I want to party with this guy.  Maybe, we could webdance together. 

Have a happy weekend!!!

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