We were expected to get up to SIX inches of snow in one swoop last night.  That's poopy news for me because I HATE being cold and wet.  I hate shoveling our driveway.  I hate the mud.  Hate!  (I had to type it once more for good measure.) 

SEEE!?  I look like a drowned, frazzled, confused cat!  That is me after shoveling the snow.  Wanna see what we got?  Check it out.

My poor Jeep... wait!!! Poor me... I have to dig this lady outta the snow and run errands!  *slaps forehead*

I went inside and donned my prettiest snow shoveling clothes.

HAHA!  Yeah, those are rain boots, flannel jammies, and the husband's coat (I'm a winner!).  Within three minutes, I learned why there are rain boots, and why there are snow boots.  Rain boots get STIFF and have no insulation.  Therefore, the rain boots are no help in combating the snow.  I also learned that rain boots have HORRIBLE traction.  I literally broke my butt on the driveway.  Look at this sick incline I have to work with daily.

Yes, I held the camera level (according to the level I actually got out of the toolbox to make sure I did it right.  I'm really really a goober.)

The shoveling was done and I got pretty.  I just wanted to prove that I don't look homeless all the time.  It just seems to be every stinkin' time I take a picture to put on my blog.

I felt pretty snow goddess like with the beanie and fabulous waves.  Thanks for cooperating with me today, my wonderful, luscious hair!!

But, anyways, the 4-wheel drive on my Jeep was awesome.  We plowed through the snow to mail a package to the husband.

As soon as I pulled in the driveway, Dyl yelled "I JUST MAKE SNOW ANGELS NOW!!!!"

Ummm... I didn't know he know what they were.  By George, he did it!

Dylan ran over to the front of the yard and plopped down into the pile of rocks and snow.  He started waving his arms and chunker legs.  For his first attempt, this was pretty awesome!

On our last snow day, I took some pictures of Dylan shoveling (he calls it "szwippering", a combo of sweeping and zipping) "HIS" snow.  It was really warm that day, so no need to call authorities about not bundling him up.  I was in a t-shirt that day.  (Crazy Coloradans in 50 degrees!!)

Check out his jammie pants tucked into his rain boots!  Ha!  I guess he gets it from his father! ;)

I happened to find this little heart left in the snow. 

So sweet!!  Hope everyone is staying warm through this crazy weather!!

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