A Glorious Day

Today at Casa de Crenshaw, Dylan will be shipped off to his sitter!!  There will be FIVE whole glorious hours of ME time!!

You may have read about one of my other sitter interviews here.  Recently, I had called six different providers, with no success, totaling my sitter count to TEN.  Ten different providers down the drain = one very frustrated mama. 

I was at the end of my rope when I decided to intrude on my friend's sitter.  Let me just say folks, use your friends!  {THANKS SL!!}  It's totally worth it.  I feel like I hit the jackpot with the amazing Miss S {the polar opposite of the previous Ms. S I posted about, and NOT the same person}!!

Yesterday, I decided to force myself to make doctor appointments for check-ups and oddities.  I have a total of four I need to take care of.  Aye!  All in the name of health, but ultimately I want to live as long as possible to impose my views of the world on the readers.  ;)  Lucky you!!

Well, initially while Dylan was away, I was going to nap and read, listen to loud music such as this {or this, for sure this, I like to dance, OK} and dance the day away.  NOPE!  Don't dream too wildly, Ashley.  The dentist had an opening for this afternoon.

If you had been hoping to read awesome posts from me over the summer, you didn't get it because I was battling my teeth and fear of dentists.  {I don't know A) why I'm such a baby about it and B) why my teeth kept me from blogging all summer.  Seriously, Ashley!}  Specifically, I was battling my abnormally large wisdom teeth.  My teeth were so large, my optometrist thought I had glaucoma.  $3,000 {not all paid by me, thank GOD for insurance} later, we learned it was my teeth.  Also, I have a TERRIBLE fear of dentists.  I tend to avoid the dental field until the problem turns disastrous and I'm on pain meds.  Not good.  I'm taking one giant leap in the step towards superior dental hygiene. 

Usually, I have panic attacks and start crying when heading to the dentist.  Actually, I'm normally crying when I call to make an appointment.  How pathetic.  Now, I'm hoping to turn this little phobia around.  Step 1:  My physician put me on anxiety medication for a wide range of issues.  Total success, I feel {mostly} human now.  Step 2:  I'm going to train myself like a dog {aka. Pavlov's Theory/classical conditioning} using Goodwill shopping and treats.  Hopefully, the experiment doesn't go awry and I start salivating every stinkin' time I hear something relating to dentists or Goodwill.  Wish me luck!  Believe me, I will tell you ALLLLL about it tomorrow!

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