Not-So-Serious Business

Aren't you just excited to see Monday morning?  Yeah, neither am I.  But, I'll catch you up with what I did over the weekend.

You may notice, I have a new blog name 'i like your {{moxie}} kid'.  I'm sticking with it this time.  'Adventures in Ashleyville' seemed a little narcissistic.  Don't get me wrong, I LOOOOOVE talking about myself.  I'm a Leo (still, thank goodness!!).  With the new web name comes a new button.  You can spread the ILY{{moxie}}K love with everyone.

Other things:  Under the web header are some links.  If you're exploring around my blog and just want to return to the main page, click the Home button.  If you want to read about me and how I got here, how to get in contact with me, click the Start Here (About Me) link.  Under the Happy Things tab, I have listed websites, items, movies -anything I've found to be happy on this tab.  I will frequently update this page.  The web is full of wondrous things!  Also, there is a link with information about "Free Sponsorship Info", where all the details are listed about how to be a free sponsor on my blog during the month of February.  Even if you don't have a blog, but have an online business, contact me if you would like to be a sponsor!  This is an awesome way to get your blog/business out in the blogging community!

Saturday morning, my uncle decided to complain about the A&W video I posted on Friday.  He said it was stuck in his head for his 10 mile morning run.  A) I don't feel sorry for you.  You listened to it. =)  B) I have no sympathy at 6:30 AM.  Since I had a ton of free time before Dylan woke up, I told him I was going to loop that song just to push him over the edge.  Ha.  I didn't do it, but I after some coffee, the nicer me came out and I got to watch the sun come up.

I was confused as to why my couch was pink, when it is normally beige.  Sunrise was my answer.  Can you tell I don't get along with mornings?

View from my studio-it was lovely. 

Then, the sun didn't really come out and I was determined to spray paint the fabulous finds I got at Goodwill.

The weather decided it wasn't spray painting season.  It looks disastrous right now, but wait until you see it all done!

Later, I was pooped and Dylan was passed out on the couch.  I went down to the basement to watch The Other Guys.  Two minutes into the movie, my fake sleeper came down the stairs.  He found the plastic gun attachment for the Wii and decided he was "pwease man", too!

Great form Dyl! You'll make the squad in no time!

I'm on a mission to make the husband and I's bed a soft little landing spot.  I saw these lovely pillowcases online, and went out to buy supplies I needed to make my own hacked version.

Well, that was months ago.  The supplies were sitting in my piles, so I thought I would do something different.  I needed to make something sassy.  So, I made this.

On the reverse side, is a D and an A, so when we aren't 'feelin' frisky' or family happens to be staying with us, we can turn them over.  You'll have to stay tuned.  Our new comforter is coming in soon.  Then, I can complete the love nest.  

What did you guys do this weekend??

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