I Don't Even Know How to Title This One...

Woo Hoo!! I ordered some goodness from a certain well-known lingerie company with my Christmas money.  It has finally arrived!!!!  I have been stalking the UPS man for a week.  He's usually the guy that sets the package on the porch and pushes the doorbell to run and avoid human interaction.

I got him though!  I waited on the other side of the front door and the second he rang the bell, I BUST open the door and start yelling "YAAAAAAAAY!"

UPS man gave me an unforgettable look of surprise/horror and ran back to the safety of his truck.  (Point for me!  I'm determined to talk to him at some point, or at least get him to see I'm not totally scary.  He has a couple more packages for me this week.  Muhahahaha!  Ok, no wonder he's scared of me.)

*Me jumping up and down!!!*  It's hereeeeee!! 

{Note to readers: Little things make me happy.}

Now that I've loaded this picture onto the web, I realize my crotch looks insanely awkward (as in, I have package of a different sort).

I hope Mr. Crenshaw is ready for this goodness!  Want a peek into my package present!?

Brace yourself for some...


But, it doesn't stop there.  I did happen to order a bra, but the web doesn't really need to see that one.  The bra did spark an interesting conversation at our house.

Dyl: "OH, what did I get?!"

Me: "It's for mommy.  Sorry bud."

Dyl: "I just look.  It's ok.  Just for me."

He proceeded to rip open a box that contained some body spray and was extremely disappointed.  At the same time, I opened a baglet that contained my bra.

Dyl: "Mom, those are boobies.  I no have boobies!"

Me: "Good thing pal.  I think mommy should keep this one."

Dyl: "Yeah, think so."

Later that afternoon, I had to stop by the store and pick up some filler items for the house.  We happened to walk through the ladies clothing/jewelry/lingerie stuff.

Dyl (saying loud enough for 20 aisles to hear): "Hey mom, let's look at BOOBS!"


He was embarrassed at that point, and would not look at me.  Of course, I had to take a picture of him looking at "boobs"!


  1. Lmao... awesome...
    Brook was obsessed with lesbians for a while (still is, but she isn't as public about it). At the grocery store, she saw two women shopping together. And asked very loudly -while pointing- if they were lesbians. It happened many times after that for a few weeks. I would then apologize while avoiding eye contact and hurry off!

  2. @katrina: I love that Brook had an obsession of that calibur. Only because she is your child!! I know this is all part of some strange payback. Remember college? ha!


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