Trying to Redeem Myself

I had planned on having an AWESOME Valentine's Day Download with DIY created by me to share this morning.  Well, I started loading it all, and now the whole image is pixelated and I can't get it undone.  So, that's my weekend project.  I will have it for sure for you all next week.

In other news:

Normally, I rock out to the Kings of Leon {in LOVE with them right now-Jared Followill, please call me. ;)} Pandora station, but I wanted something different.  While I was trying to finish up some projects this morning, so I could post, my selection in music has convinced Pandora that I am an angry lesbian.  I skipped through tons and tons of Alanis, Indigo Girls, and others of the women empowerment groups of the like.  When I had reached my limits of skips, I changed the station.  Pandora decided to continue on and give me dance club tunes.  I assume it thought I was on some drugs and wanted to be at a rave.  Music is a BIG deal to me when I work, and this DID NOT help my concentration.  I struggled for about 1.5 hours and decided to be true to Kings of Leon.  I should've known better.

Anyways, I pray the stars align and allow this Leo to get some work done.   {Note: FML, I checked my horoscopes and it talked about setting restrictions and re-thinking my goals.  Hmmm.. not what I wanted to hear.}

Cheers! {{ashley}} 

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