Total Eclipse Pigeon Tribute

How do I even begin?  There are sooooo many inside jokes to this whole post. 

A) T and I have been best friends since second grade.  That's a long time!  Everyone used to tease us that we were love birds.  One of us (I can't remember which) said it was more like retarded pigeons.  ha!  We were each other's pigeons.  One day, we ended up writing 'Hi Pigeon' on a note/test/something our teacher saw.  He corrected us with crossing out Pigeon and writing Pidgeon.  Totally the wrong spelling.  That made the joke even funnier.

B) T and I would cruise around our one stoplight town and belt out tunes.  Bonnie Tyler's 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' came on repeatedly every Saturday night.  {We had a choice of three stations to listen to.  For some reason, soft rock from the 80's was popular to the DJ. Sigh.}  It was like the song chose us.  It became our anthem.  We even 'performed' a karaoke version, with bonus dance moves, during our school play practice (that we didn't want to be at, and passionately disapproved of).

So, now that you know parts of our retarded jokes, I hope you appreciate the flow chart T sent me.

The link T sent me, also had an AMAZING interpretation (very literal) of the video itself.  Check it out in all it's glory!

Happy Friday!!!

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  1. So I was at school the other day and this song came on and I totally told/showed my kids the actions that went along with this anthem. :)


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