Sparkling Wine Wednesdaaaaay!

OK, OK, it's only Sparkling Grape Juice.  As a kid at church we overheard somewhere that the Catholics got wine and we just had grape juice.  So, my brothers and I pretended it was wine so we could be 'Catholic Cool'. 

One day, not too long after we started calling grape juice wine, my mother took my brothers and I to the grocery store.  One of us happened to tell an adult that our mom let us drink wine.  She mumbled something along the lines of "IT'S NOT WIIIIIIINE! Stop calling juice that."

We disagreed and set in our ways.  She said she would let us have the "special grape juice" and could only call it wine at home when we were PRETENDING.  And it stuck.  I always forget there is alcoholic, sparkling wine.  Which I did not consume on this night.  Plus, Sparkling Wine Wednesday makes a better title than Sparkling Grape Juice Wednesday.

I only wish I drank wine during the day.  I don't have an excuse to, even though the kids in jr. high would always tease me because my initials were A.A.  I got teased a LOT, and it wasn't just the initial thing.... I lost track of where this was going.  Good thing I don't drink during the day.  Wow... Let's start again...



All the photos I took for this post are gone.

I swear to you it was only sparkling grape juice..  Seee?

PS. I didn't edit this photo otherwise my zit and day-old makeup would look so much better... and the wine would be REAL... agh at me.

In case you didn't know, REAL wine doesn't foam your goblet. Obviously, it just foams over my brain.  Oh well.. down my throat it goes anyways.

Note to self: You get a bottle of wine to drink on Thursday while watching Grey's and Private Practice.  =0)  All better.

OHHH and check out the background behind me?  See the thrift store goodness I found?  You'll have to check back to see what's going to happen with it all!! Super excited!

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