Free Valentine's Day Printable and DIY

If you know me, you know that when I think things are going to be easy and I have it all under control, something goes seriously wrong. I spent the weekend trying to undo the pixelation of my Valentine's DIY and was somewhat successful. SO, here it goes!

Gather up your supplies. Here's what I gathered up and then edited as I went along.

You will need: White 8.5'x11' card stock {You can also you anytime of card stock or heavy duty paper that has textures in it.  Just remember, if you use paper that has been colored, that will affect the outcome of the colors I've used on the template.}, scissors, Valentine's template provided, sewing machine, pencil, glue, stapler, coordinating scrap paper, and red or black {or whatever color} pen/marker to fill out your coupons.

First print out the template onto your card stock.  {Click the image to get the full sized page, right click and print.}

If you just print the two pages, you'll end up with five coupons.  If you need more coupons, print multiples of the second image.  Each of the second page contains three coupons.

Then, cut out your images.  You can definitely keep the edges square, but I rounded mine.

Next, pull out your sewing machine and remove all the thread.  Don't forget to remove your bobbin!  The sewing machine is just used to make perforations.  I have found this is the easiest way to do it.  If you don't have a sewing machine, {ummmm... you're SOL, kidding} you can skip this step and just tear out the coupons as needed.

Sew along the thick black line.

You should end up with something like this.  Then, stack up your coupons and staple within the white rectangle.  If you have decided not to perforate the pages, I would make sure to use three staples for extra strength.

Grab your scrap paper and pencil.  On the reverse side of your paper, trace the width of the coupon book.  I scooted my book further in so I would have enough paper to wrap around the staples.

Cut out your wrap-around rectangle and line it up.  I folded up the edge, that would end up overlapping the perforations, and trimmed away.

Grab your glue stick and glue your scrap paper around the edge to disguise the staples and add a finishing touch.  You can also use ribbon, washi tape, or any other items for a decorative edge.

Once your finished edges are dry, start filling in your coupons.  I'm totally not showing you what I put inside, other than the free man time.  I know some are a little more reserved, and some of you are extra feisty.  That's the beauty of this project.

The pages have some space where you can doodle, add love notes, or just leave plain.  Also, it's not too overboard in design, so it's more economical to print of plenty and share with all your loved ones! 

Enjoy!  Please feel free to share this on your blog!  Make sure to give credit where it is due, 'Cause I'd find you!' (Wedding Crashers)

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