Thrift Store Thursdays

Last week, I had A.D.D. and cleaned my kitchen instead of sharing some awesome finds from Goodwill.  So, today is just a picture post.  These are pictures from some of the finds I found, and projects that are underway.

My favorite corner of my wanna-be studio.

Awesome finds!

Spray painting pile.

Fabric and finds.

My to-do projects.. hope to get to them sometime this year! ;)

I want to do something like this with the globe.  Isn't it awesome!?

I'm not so neat about keeping things picked up while 'working'.

And you may wonder where the pickle was during this whole project time.  Well, our new comforter for the love nest came in.  Dyl was super excited about this part of the order.

Yep, he basically lived in the box for 2 hours.  I kept handing him M&Ms to keep him satisfied.  Hopefully, he doesn't grow up to think it's OK to live in a box.  "Whoa! Dream big!" -Juno

Check back tomorrow for a free Valentine's Day download and tutorial!


  1. I totally love the photo of Dylan in the box! I remember you and your brothers were little and come to Granny & Grandpa's for the day. We would put yall in a box or most times in Granny's laundry basket and drag yall around the house for hours..you guys loved it! It's the simple things that are fun and the ones we remember the most. You are a wonderful mommy! Love you Ashley! BTW....I love reading your blog!

  2. Aww Auntie! Boxes are the best fun! I think Dylan could live in it. He's still running around the house trying to find where I hid his box! haha! Love you!!


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