Sunflower Showdown 2011 - Happy 150th Kansas!

I know, another tribute post, but it's for my home state!  Kansas celebrated it's 150th birthday on Saturday, KU played K-State in the Sunflower showdown, and I was in heaven.

I put on my KU shirt, grabbed my KU blanket and cup.  Dyl refused to wear my shrunken KU shirt, but carried Baby Jay down to join us.  I'm a KU geek, who wished she was with her comrades on that glorious evening.

OOOOOH I wish I were there!!!!

{I took the following pictures from my TV, but pretty sure the rights are through ESPN and KU Athletics.  They get the credit! ;)}

EPSN live at Allen Fieldhouse.. it's a MAGICAL place!  Also, one of the toughest courts to play on - if you're the opposing team.  ROCK CHALK!

I love the Morris twins.  Awesome skills and leadership. 

So, do I even need to tell you who won?  KUUUUUUUUUU!  Dylan was even doing the KU chant by the end of the night.  That's my boy!!

And this music video just makes me yearn for Lawrence again.  I'm playin' this song before every game I watch.  Totally pumper-upper!  It's rap... so not everyone's taste.  Just sayin'...

See.. I'm a KU geek and not apologizing for it.  ;)  What a happy happy way to celebrate the greatness of Kansas!

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